No one who drives a car, whether an expert or a novice driver, wants to be involved in a traffic accident. However, car accidents happen every day, and the worst thing is that the figures are really alarming. Each year the United States records nearly 10 million traffic accidents, something that should make us all aware. And in Virginia State, one of the key contributing factor to auto accidents is reckless driving, says a well-versed reckless driving attorney VA beach.

For the same reason, the prevention of accidents is of paramount importance, implement safety measures and maintain prudence while driving, as well as being responsible and not driving recklessly under the influence of alcohol or other substances, as well as knowing what to do in cases of accidents. Are you prepared to face a traffic accident? Here, a reputable reckless driving attorney VA beach recommends you to take into account the following piece of advice in cases of traffic accidents:

  • Evaluate the situation and the damages. We know that suffering a traffic accident is not easy, and usually we tend to stun a bit or a lot; however, it is vitally important that you find the necessary serenity to keep your mind focused on all the details. Quickly make sure that you and all the passengers in your vehicle are well. Do the same with the people of the vehicles involved in the accident, in case of serious injuries do not hesitate to request medical assistance to 911. Then, place your vehicle as much as possible on the edge of the highway, so it does not interfere with traffic and avoids generating another possible collision.
  • Call the authorities, says a reliable reckless driving attorney VA beach. At this point there are two things to keep in mind: the first thing is that you should always be cautious before leaving your home or work in your car and make sure you have the phone with the proper battery charge. However, never use your phone while driving. The second, never put yourself in the role of the investigator, regardless of who was the culprit, you should not waste time in calling the authorities both for the investigation of the facts and for the ordering of the incident. Always allow the authorities to do their research work, having an official report is very helpful in case the other driver involved in the accident decides to make a claim for damages or injuries if the police arrive at the accident site.
  • Collect information. Once you have ensured that everyone is well, try to obtain information from everyone involved in the accident, including witnesses who may be circling the area and who may have directly appreciated what happened, names, phone numbers and addresses, recommends an aggressive reckless driving attorney VA beach. They will be very useful in the future. Try to get information about driver’s licenses or drivers involved in the accident, car registration, among other data. Take photographs of the facts for future investigations.
  • Do not rush to draw conclusions. Again, allow the competent authorities to determine the guilt of what happened, based on the evidence. Also, do not rush, either out of fear or nervousness, to take on blame that you may not have had.
  • Contact your insurance company. Notify the accident as soon as possible, regardless of how little or very serious you attribute to the time of the events. It is important that you report what happened as soon as possible, whatever the damage, so that your company is aware of the fact. According to an experienced reckless driving attorney VA beach, to know exactly how to report an accident to your company, contact your trusted insurance advisor.