Fairfax VA Lawyer

If you are accused of a crime in Fairfax, VA, you may find it challenging to retain the right Fairfax, VA lawyer to aggressively represent you in the court and defend your rights. In fact, finding the most appropriate attorney for your driving under the influence (DUI) case can even trickier. In fact, DUI verdicts can immediately culminate in your statement against the officer’s account of events when you are without an experienced defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights. Additionally, when your attorney lacks enough skills and determination to adequately fight for you in the court, you could eventually lose the case right at the moment you hire the inappropriate legal practitioner to defend you.

Consequently, it is imperative to have a meeting with several Fairfax, VA lawyers in order to commit to the right attorney.  In fact, a pre-commitment interview can not only permit you to thoroughly discuss your specific case as well as possible options for determining if or not you are confident of their strategies.

Interview Preparation: Things That You Must Know In Order to Make an Informed Decision

Although there is no doubt that Fairfax, VA lawyer interviews are critical to ensuring a solid and aggressive DUI representation, you should not spoil your valuable time through hours of useless discussions. Hence, once you appoint a legal practitioner to talk with, you must be optimally sure that you are fully prepared to raise relevant, specific queries in order to avoid a lengthy, overwhelming, and confusing meeting. Here are some to-the-point questions to ask your lawyer:

  • What is your DUI/DWI defense background?
  • Do you hold extensive experience of representing DUI defendants in Fairfax, VA?
  • How many of DUI defense cases have you won?
  • In particular, how would you go about developing a defense strategy in my specific case?
  • What results do you think I should expect?
  • What options do you think are good for my defense?
  • Would you further explore different defense options like confute testimonies, or even accuse the authorized officer of holding an unjust reason to accuse you?

In order to make the most of your time, it is vital that you bring comprehensive documentation to behold how the Fairfax, VA lawyer will utilize the knowledge to your benefit, as well as figure out whether you are confident of their defense tactic. Such documentation to provide includes:

  • The accident’s formal police report
  • List of all sobriety tests the authorized officer had you perform
  • Receipts for bought alcoholic beverages with a timestamp
  • Blood alcohol level at the instance of the incident
  • Detail related to the exact time as well as the date of the violation (your attorney may be able to acquire the officer’s CCTV camera car footage as well)
  • All witness statements you might have received
  • Pictures of the injuries as well as wreckage
  • Any other document or paperwork the police authorities may have provided you

Through such proper information as well as the extensive experience of a skilled defense lawyer, you must not worry about any false accusation or small mistakes (which could endanger your future only in the absence of adequate representation).