In order to confirm the safety of all individuals on the road, all states in the United States have established inclusive sets of laws intended to oversee the actions of drivers and prevent traffic crimes. Driving without a license is illegal in every state, but most of the states differentiate among operating a vehicle without a valid driving license and driving a vehicle without a proof of driving license. Penalties for driving without a license results in “fix it” tickets and vehicle impoundment or even a jail time on a revoked license. According to Virginia Law Section 46.2- 300 of the Code provides that no individual will drive any motor vehicle on any road until the individual has acquired a valid driving license.

Reasons for Driving Without a License in Shenandoah Virginia

There are so many reasons why a person may be caught driving without a license in Shenandoah Virginia. Often, the driver may simply never have applied for a driver’s license from his or her local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and thus no license has been issued. This is often the case for drivers who lack citizenship or legal status in the United States and cannot lawfully obtain a driver’s license. In order to reduce driving without a license offenses among undocumented populations, some states, including California and Illinois, have passed laws allowing unlawful immigrants access to driver’s licenses.

Consequences for Driving Without a License

Failure to show a valid driving license when requested by a police officer can lead to a number of punishments liable on the conditions. Charges usually fall into one of two groups: correctable crimes and willful defilements.

Correctable Crimes

Simply forgetting to carry your driver’s license while driving a vehicle may lead to a “fix-it ticket,” wherein you must later show proof that you fixed the violation in order to have the citation dismissed by the traffic court. Failure to present this evidence typically leads to fines or other penalties.

Willful Violations

Punishments for intentional violations of licensing requirements, such as driving on a suspended or driving without a license. Driver’s licenses are often suspended for DUI crimes, since states have a concern in keeping risky drivers off the roads. So, when a driver intentionally drives with a suspended or cancelled driver’s license, he or she might be cited, detained, and charged for a misdemeanor crime.

Driving without a license in Shenandoah Virginia is a criminal offense: either a Class 1 or Class 2 misdemeanor. The severity of penalties and possible jail time depends in part, upon whether or not it is a first or subsequent offense. Irrespective of whether the sentence is a first or subsequent crime:

  • The court might suspend a driver’s right to drive for about 90 days
  • The sentence will stay on an adult’s public criminal record for lifetime.

A further common outcome of a driving without a license charge in Shenandoah Virginia, is a substantial increase in car insurance payments. Many car insurance firms will be quite unwilling to provide insurance for individuals caught driving unlawfully in this way.